Our Learning Portfolio

This learning portfolio caters to the needs of project professionals who are at various stages of their careers, taking into account diverse roles and circumstances



The foundation courses will provide you with a broad introduction to the project management subject matter.

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Contributing to Projects


This is a generic introductory level course and is therefore suitable for individuals with limited or no experience of project management. The purpose of the Contributing to Projects course is to impart the basic terminology, theories, principles, processes and practices necessary […]


Applying Project Controls


This is a generic introductory level course designed around the competence profile of a typical project services engineer, but is equally suitable for project engineers with limited project services experience. This course will help you to demonstrate understanding of key […]

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Essentials of Project Management


This course is recommended for all new entrants to the field of project engineering regardless of their job group level, and inclusive of those working in project services departments. This course will help you to identify the most important theories […]


The core courses will equip you with advanced competences pertaining to project management


Managing Project Controls


The course is essential for Senior Project Professionals, Senior Project Control personnel and project Finance Managers who have a leadership role in projects. Through this event, you will develop skills to establish integrated project controls in a risk-based environment and […]


The focus courses will provide you with in-depth training on critical topics related to project management


Effective Project Contracting


The main competence covered in this event is the formulation of appropriate contracting and procurement strategies within the constraints of your projects. Therefore participants should have pertinent experience in developing and managing contracts for the delivery of both goods and […]

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Managing Opportunity & Project Risks


This course aims to enhance project risk management skills in an environment of uncertainty. Both upsides and downsides risk are addressed. It also addresses the impact of human influences and attitudes on the decision-making process during the various project phases. […]