Essentials of Project Management

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This course is recommended for all new entrants to the field of project engineering regardless of their job group level, and inclusive of those working in project services departments.

This course will help you to identify the most important theories and best practices of project management of major capital investment projects. You will also be able to apply in a fit-for-purpose way the governance and project assurance requirements.

In addition you will learn how to contribute more effectively to the delivery of major capital investment project. And apply acquired knowledge in order to scale down the project management best practices for small projects.

To read the complete course description please view the provided PDF document below.

Course Structure
Essentials of Project Management
Start Date
Course Duration
Virtual Phase Start Face-to-Face Phase Virtual Phase Face-to-Face Phase
19-Jan-16 10-Apr-16 12 Weeks 7 Days
07-Mar-16 22-May-16 12 Weeks 7 Days
18-Sep-16 04-Dec-16 12 Weeks 7 Days